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Summer must: Pay attention at the pool

Put simply, Mary Beth Voights doesn’t want to meet you when she’s working. Carle’s lead trauma services coordinator has been helping people of all ages with serious injuries for more than 25 years.

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Make appointments now for school-age children

Save yourself time and worry by scheduling school physicals and school eye exams now—maybe even on the same day—for this fall’s incoming:

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Women shouldn’t ignore surprising health trend

Health officials were startled at the news: Life expectancy for white women is now 81.1 years – down from 81.2, joining white men in a similar decrease.

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Five things parents can do to help their teens be safe on the road

It may have been red dye on the heads and faces of kids pretending to be hurt or dead, but students at Hoopeston Area High School saw up close what could happen if they drive drunk.

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If you think you’re having a stroke, call 911 immediately

"You're going to walk out of here."

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