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Women should obtain an annual mammogram starting at age 40

Doctors at Carle recommend following the American Cancer Society’s guidelines that all women get an annual mammogram starting at age 40.

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Safety advocates seek essential input from farmers, first responders

At harvest time and all year long, farmers deal with circumstances beyond their control. Trauma nurse and farmer Mary Beth Voights encourages farmers to strive every day to focus on the one thing they can control: their safety.

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More cases of advanced prostate cancer diagnosed in rural areas

Physicians want men to remember to consider getting screened for prostate cancer. Doctors are concerned that they are seeing more cases of advanced prostate cancer diagnosed in rural counties surrounding Champaign County.

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Seniors affected by wildfires gain easier access to doctors, prescriptions

People dealing with the aftermath of North Central Washington’s recent wildfires need getting their healthcare and prescriptions to be even easier than usual.

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Doctor says you can adjust to lost hour of sleep if you avoid one big mistake

While it means more light, and a significant sign of spring, this weekend marks the “bad” time change where we set clocks forward one hour to daylight savings time and our bodies lose an hour of sleep. One physician at Carle says if you follow a few tips and avoid one common mistake, you should adapt quickly to the time change.

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