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Health Alliance Reaches Capacity for Individual Enrollment

With the exit of many large carriers from the individual market and big premium increases from other carriers, Health Alliance had to plan ahead and set a limit on how many new enrollees it would accept for 2017 individual plans. Health Alliance has reached that limit, so Health Alliance will soon be taken out of the individual plans available through, third-party vendors and its own

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Stroke, heart attack rates increase in younger people

Researchers have made an alarming discovery. The stroke and heart attack rate in young people is on the rise. Overall the rates of stroke and heart attack have been going down since 1950, so the new numbers surprised scientists.

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HIV/AIDS vaccine could be available ‘in the next 20 years’

December 1 marked World AIDS Day—a special day when the healthcare community emphasizes preventing the spread of the disease.

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Make prescription drug coverage choices easier to swallow

Medicare Advantage expert offers cost-saving medication tips Wouldn’t it be great if sorting through your Medicare prescription drug coverage options was as easy as sorting pills into those Monday-through-Sunday containers so many of us can’t live without?

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Health Alliance Medicare members stick with solid coverage

Shirley and Herb Nevels of Catlin use their Health Alliance Medicare Advantage coverage regularly—for doctor visits, for prescriptions to help manage their chronic conditions and for procedures and hospital stays when they need them.

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