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Health Alliance Medicare members stick with solid coverage

Shirley and Herb Nevels of Catlin use their Health Alliance Medicare Advantage coverage regularly—for doctor visits, for prescriptions to help manage their chronic conditions and for procedures and hospital stays when they need them.

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You have the tools and the smarts to make the right choice for you

Do the research yourself or just ask about the advantages of Medicare Advantage Have you been putting off looking at any mail that includes the “M” word, Medicare?

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Reid Health introduces healthcare coverage to support seniors

First Medicare Advantage plan with Reid Health in-network offers more coverage for lower rates To give seniors better health insurance coverage at a lower cost—as well as access to Reid Health services and providers—Reid Health chose Health Alliance as its partner to provide Medicare Advantage plans for those 65 and older.

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Medicare Advantage: Why many make it their first choice

Don’t let the different kinds of coverage keep you from exploring Dipping your toes in Medicare waters isn’t supposed to send a chill down your spine. With a bit of simple explanation here, I’m just sure you’ll warm up to your choices.

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Getting started: Becoming eligible for Medicare

Series of small steps makes your Medicare path manageable Becoming eligible for Medicare is a milestone. It can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if healthcare coverage from your employer or your spouse’s employer didn’t involve making many choices.

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