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Medicare Advantage: Why many make it their first choice

Don’t let the different kinds of coverage keep you from exploring Dipping your toes in Medicare waters isn’t supposed to send a chill down your spine. With a bit of simple explanation here, I’m just sure you’ll warm up to your choices.

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Getting started: Becoming eligible for Medicare

Series of small steps makes your Medicare path manageable Becoming eligible for Medicare is a milestone. It can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if healthcare coverage from your employer or your spouse’s employer didn’t involve making many choices.

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IL Department of Healthcare and Family Services announces Health Alliance Connect Medicaid member transition plan

According to a plan developed by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS), Health Alliance Connect Medicaid coverage will end in two phases, beginning in northern Illinois on October 31 and in central Illinois on December 31. Members will be moved back to standard Medicaid fee-for-service until they choose a new plan or are assigned to a new plan. No one will lose Medicaid eligibility because of this change.

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Why you should eat a vegetable most despise

For the most part, broccoli and kids don't mix. It may take folks well into adulthood until they grow a taste for the vegetable or train themselves to poke a few bites down.

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Farm safety reminders reach schools, roadways

Farm safety takes a national spotlight September 18-24 during National Farm Safety and Health Week. Started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the special week this year features the theme “A Legacy to be Proud of.”

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