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Our Innovative Tool Offers Support for Getting Back to New Year’s Goals

Prizes Instead of Pushing Help Health Alliance Members Move More, Eat Better

URBANA—By now, a lot of people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions. Health Alliance members have a free tool to get back on track.

New in 2015, Rally offers simple online tools and support to make healthy changes doable.

“Many people make huge resolutions to change a lot of things, but they don’t have a plan,” said Karen Stefaniak, the Health Alliance wellness program administrator, who is also a certified personal trainer and a certified health coach. “It’s better to choose one thing and to break it down into what you can really do.”

How does Rally help? It starts by celebrating small changes. It also gives people the chance to win big prizes—fitness trackers like FitBits and Jawbones, Keurig coffee makers, Amazon gift cards, and more.

“After you complete a five-minute health risk assessment—from your phone, your tablet, or your computer—Rally gives you missions,” she said. “And getting active with Rally gives you points so you can enter to win prizes.”

“The real payoff is bigger than the prize.”

Just ask Kyra Nixon.

“The coin concept encourages me to log my steps and see the coins rack up,” said Nixon, a Health Alliance member and employee. “It’s neat that you can see the odds of winning, and I was lucky enough to win an Apple TV.”

Those who don’t have healthcare coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act can check out plans that include Rally at or by calling 1-888-382-9771. The deadline for most people who don’t have coverage at work or from Medicare is February 15.