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A Helping Hand When You Need It 

Senior citizens in the United States live on their own at much higher rates than anywhere else in the world. For adults aged sixty years or older, half of this age group either live alone or with a single spouse or partner.  

When adults live by themselves, especially after the death of a spouse, not only can they have a sense of loneliness, but caring for their health can also be challenging. Health Alliance is offering a helping hand to their members by launching the PAPA Pals program as a benefit for members wanting more support and companionship at home.  

The PAPA program aims to improve the well-being of the members in our Medicare Advantage Plan.    

One of the most important aspects of this program is that it will address the loneliness members of our community can feel when they live on their own. PAPA provides a caregiver who not only supports their health, but also their emotional well-being by being their companion.   

For members who use this benefit, a caregiver will visit them at home. They can help them with services like light housework, grocery shopping, pet help and help with exercise. Services happen in one-hour increments.  PAPA Pals can also take note of any potential risks to that member. This includes signs of neglect, domestic violence, food insufficiency or elder abuse. Pals also note unsafe and uncomfortable conditions including fall risks, mold or fear of eviction. To address these risks, the caregiver will document what they see to get the member help.    

Beyond providing companionship, PAPA caregivers also provide transportation to doctors’ appointments, the pharmacy, library and other local areas. Caregivers can also act as technical support by helping set up devices or explaining how to use them. 

“Meeting the needs of our members while maintaining affordability is always a priority,” says Terra Mullins, Director of Community Outreach. “The PAPA program is a benefit which connects members with a companion who they can spend time with while also maintaining their health.”   

Each PAPA Pal caregiver asks themselves ‘What can I do to improve the quality of life for the member?’, and they achieve this through the companionship and ensuring the health and wellness of members.  

The PAPA program will launch January 1, 2023.  

For more information on Health Alliance plans and benefits visit or call (877) 933-8454.